Part Three of Shin-Kanei-Tsuho


This third installment will be short and sweet. We will talk about those coins from Yamashiro no Kuni Toba Yoko Oji Mint, better known as simply Yoko-Oji-Sen 横大路銭. There are three varieties from this mint: SHIN-EI, TAI-EI and TAIEI-SHOTSU. Sound familiar? We just covered those three varieties from Kyoto Shichijo Mint. So, this chapter should be a snap!

One good thing about these three varieties is that they are exact copies of Shichijo mint coins, as far as how their characters are written. Remember this: the color of Shichijo mint coins are normally reddish-brown and appear soft due to a bit of lead content. On the other hand, the three coins from Yoko-Oji Mint appear “hard” with coloration varying from slight whitish tint to those of blackish tint. In addition, the planchets (this term usually reserved for struck coinage but…) are smaller compared to Shichijo coins. If you suspect you have these varieties, use a caliper and measure them. If they are not reddish-brown and measure under 23.9mm, you are in luck, as these coins are scarcer than Shichijo coinage.

See photo above. The coin on the left is Yoko-Oji measuring 23.81mm. The coin on the right is Shichijo measuring 24.45mm. Note the color differences of the two coins.

Next time we will talk about how to spot scarce varieties of Ma-To-Tsu in a snap, among others.

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