eBay Bidders Watch Out!

 The seller illustrates a photo of Tenpo Tsuho. I was the only who placed a bid on it. By the way, the starting bid was $33, which is way too high for a Tenpo. I think I was the only one who knew this coin was a seed coin (see photo). When I got the coin, what I got was a very common coin and not the only that was illustrated. I contacted the seller and was told he used a "stock photo"!! And that I got the one in the same grade!! Since when do rare coin sellers use "stock photos"?  Or send out something totally different just because it is in similar condition? Just imagine bidding $1000 for a rare variety but getting a common variety worth $20.

NOTE: We just settled this case. I got a full refund, including postage that I paid. Plus, he sent me extra to have the coin sent back to him.

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