Okinawa Hatome-Sen

One of our readers, Aussie, writes:

I noticed with interest the photo of Okinawan coins on your blog (2009/12/01). I haven't seen a copy of that photo in over a decade. I believe that I own some, if not most of the hatome sen pictured (the actual coins in the picture). Who is Neal? I am trying to remember the name of the gentleman who took the picture, (I can remember his face) but unfortunately don't remember his name. He was in the USAF when I met him on Okinawa and I know he retired in the early 1990s. I still collect Okinawan material when I find it, and searching for items is how I came across the photo. I would like to network with other collectors of Okinawa material. I look forward to your reply.

Ed: That was a long time ago, and I don't remember who sent me those photos. I, too, was stationed in Okinawa (1975-76). Went to a coin shop in Naha a few times, but I had more fun bar hopping back then. Since I spoke the language, I guess I had more fun than most GIs.